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The Dream – Rockin’ That Thang Video NEW

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been gone fo’ a second, but im back again!!! (=

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Alrite ladies and gents, I had a small break,

but im back now! ill be back later with some new stuff!! stay closee!


woooo! yessss guesss whooo’sss baaaccckk!

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(= alrite ladies and gentlemen. lets see lots has happened since ive been gone. Lets see with Gwen in-preg-nito again, Britney spears with her puppy sitting on a side walk, (also happens to be hanging out with her mom again.) Brad and his scientology beliefs, and last but not least Hannah Montana shedding alittle more than just her layers (she prefers to go by Miley Ray Cyrus now.)  BUT IM BACK NOW! (= and you all will be informed yet again!

stay tuned in folks!!

❤ laydee ali 

Christmas is over! =(

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Well I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas! (=

Time to party it up for New Years!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

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Hello everyone!

The blog will be down till after christmas,

but I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday no matter what you celebrate!!!!


❤ Laydee Ali

imm baaccckkk!!!!

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yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, after a long break yours truly is back in action!