Enough said. Some people love waking up at 3 A.M to stand in line at Best Buy, Wal-mart, Target, or stand out side the mall waiting for the doors to open. There’s kind of an excitement that goes along with waiting to see the new merchandise, and better yet the super LOW PRICES! HECK, thats something I would be excited about! (=

But here are some tips just in case ur a shopper like me that wants to aviod the Black Friday crowd completely!

  • Shop online! (the best thing I think, u can compare prices on merchandise without even leaving the comfort of your home or internet cafe!)
  • Catalogs! (Another splendid idea for people who would much rather speak to a person when ordering their merchandise (for security purposes) or someone who doesnt own a computer.)
  • Shopping during an early weekday! (you aviod the crowds, the long lines, and u can pay with cash if u feel more comfortable instead of paying over the phone or the web with a card or check!)
  • Shop Early –a great time to start shopping early instead of waiting till after thanksgiving!)

Just a few tips to help my fellow shoppers! If u have anymore tips leave a comment to help out other shoppers too!!



  1. These tips are very effective to avoid the Black Friday crowd completely.

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