Britney Spears.


 Alrite so, honestly I think that we all just need to leave her alone. It’s obvious that she needs help and hopefully will get some soon. The fact that the papz are all over her ALL THE TIME, does not help that fact either. We all just need to lay off of her for a while. I honestly believe that she needs to go into hiding, it might clear her mind and maybe even help her re-evaluate her life. There have been recent accounts of suicide so we hear, but honestly, with the papz just engulfing her with flash photography and useless comments, shes likely to get worse. So, in closure to this I think we all just need to take a step or two away from the situation and just let her live her life. GRANTED, I know this probably isn’t really going to make a difference, but, I think its worth being said.


p.s- What a change, she looks like a totally different person. )=  



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