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the hills. all lies? or “just coincidental”?

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Okay i used to be a true Hills Fan, but recently i’ve been feeling alittle decieved.


  • Audrina does NOT work at Sony BMG! – an inside source @ Sony BMG.

  • Heidi does NOT work at Bolthouse! – an inside source @ Bolthouse.

  • Audrina and Lauren MOVED! They just go back to film the pool scenes ect.

  • When Lauren and Whitney went to New York they some how ended up with the SAME CAB when they left their house at seperate times? hmm. what are the chances of that happening?

Any thoughts?


Carter III Album Cover!

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Wayne’s new album cover.

 What do you think?

You can hear a leak of his new album at –  


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Yes, it in fact it is. Well, not exactly, this time Mr. Radcliff will be in Equus, it premiers on Broadway next year!

Any thoughts?

Beyonce and Rihanna Working together!

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 Theres a rumor going around that Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad CD will be re-released as a Deluxe Edition, featuring two bonus tracks and an original track called So Glamorous which will feature Beyonce. The Deluxe Edition will also feature a DVD of all Rihanna’s videos and clips from her tour which is still in progress. Word is this new opus will drop worldwide on January 15, 2008. No word yet who wrote and produced the single. I don’t think either of these ladies would work with the other unless they knew they would have a guaranteed hit on their hands. Beyonce will hope to have another smash single like she had with Shakira, while Rihanna will hope to up her record sales which have been sluggish, despite her first single being a worldwide hit.

Man arrested for connection with Tupac Amaru Shakur Center Vandalism

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 Click here for more information:

Save Darfur!

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Okay so I know alot of you have MYSPACES. BUT have you came across these profiles yet?


In 2003, after decades of neglect, drought, oppression and small-scale conflicts in Sudan’s western region of Darfur, two rebel groups mounted an insurgency against Sudan’s central government. The response was brutal. The government armed and supported local militias known as the Janjaweed. They wiped out entire villages, destroyed food and water supplies, and systematically murdered, tortured and raped hundreds of thousands of Darfurians. These attacks occur with the direct support of the Sudanese government’s armed forces.

Few Darfurians have been spared the violence. This scorched earth campaign has already claimed as many as 400,000 lives. It has spilled over into neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic. In all, about 2.3 million Darfurians have fled their homes and now reside in a network of internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Darfur, with over 200,000 more living in refugee camps in Chad. These refugees and IDPs are completely dependent on the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations for even their basic needs – food, water, shelter, and health care. Approximately another 1 million Darfurians still live in their villages, under the constant threat of bombings, raids, murder, rape and torture.


I couldn’t have explained it anymore clearer than what I read from that profile. Bottom line- ITS GENOCIDE. Darfur is not the only place that its occuring either. But together we should fight this.

 Here are a list of Myspace Profiles and Other Websites that you can look at to help the Darfurians in their time of need:


           – they host concerts so the money and support they collect go to the Save Darfur Coalition and Oxfam’s Humanitarian work in Darfur.  


           -here they give you a chance to make a difference by donating money to the coalition.


            -the information everyone needs to help spread the word and make a difference.

There are so many other websites dedicated to saving Darfur and many other places just like it. So take some time to research it a bit and you never know you may be able to help alot more than you think!

Did 50 really outsell Kanye?

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 The G-Unit King stated that he (as a solo artist) would retire if Mr. Chi-Town himself sold more albums than he did. Well, the reports tell us 50 in fact DID win this race… IN EUROPE! He did have the #1 album and single on the Billboard European Hot 100. BUT. European?!? hmmm. 50 stated himself that it was “the No. 1 European Album.” I’m not really sure if that counts as a win or the fine print at the bottom of a contract.

What do you think?